CCM mask 4460

Does anyone have a catalogue that shows this mask # 4460.

I would like to find out what year it would be.

Any help would be appriecated

Thanks very much !



ccm_mask.jpg ccm_mask_4460.jpg

Duomatic: The 4460 mask first appeared in the company's 63 - 64 winter goods catalogue. John

This is a softball catcher's mask, right? The holes look too big to keep out a puck. Why would it be in the winter goods catalogue?

It's definitely listed with the goalie equipment. When the company puts out its first catalogue of summer equipment in 1966 the baseball masks are quite different and the 4460 mask is not listed. it does, however, continue to appear in the winter goods catalogue.


THANKS VERY MUCH for the info and the page you posted.


I figured it was baseball myself Brian.


I saw it at a friends antique shop and didn't buy it.

Maybe I will call and get her to hold it for me.


It had leather straps so I figured it was 60's.

It was in good condition too.


I just have to slow down on collecting stuff so I  was being good not getting it.


Thanks again !

Cool! Thanks John.