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  • Reply to: CCM MASSEY   6 hours 9 min ago

    I really don't have any parts for sale for your bike. Is there a number on the head badge? Does your crank have a 4 bolt sprocket? I am in Elmira Ontario. i have 3 other Massey Harris bikes, before CCM.

  • Reply to: CCM MASSEY   12 hours 1 min ago

    I would be interested in any parts that would be correct for this bike. Please let me know if you have anything for sale. 

  • Reply to: CCM MASSEY   15 hours 39 min ago

    The number 7 would be correct. I  have a Massey Silver Ribbon hygienic cushion frame bike that i have had for a long time.

  • Reply to: CCM MASSEY   17 hours 37 min ago

    I will take a photo of the fenders to perhaps get confirmation, and bike came with 7 style seatpost, again, I'm not sure if this would be correct. 

  • Reply to: CCM MASSEY   18 hours 25 min ago

    I might have a seat post that will work .If it is 7/8 inch.