1899? Lozier Cleveland Model 66

I bought this Cleveland at the same farm auction in Almonte where John picked up his Ivanhoe Model 60. I believe it to have all its original parts. I thought it was black, but a friend who helped clean up the paint insists it's dark green. I'm a little colour blind so it's hard for me to tell. I wonder if black paint might look greenish after aging for 118 years.  I thought I'd put this in the CCM bike forum because it was made by one of the five founding companies that made up CCM.

Does anyone know for certain which year the Model 66 was produced? I read a post on The Cabe stating it was 1899, but it would be great to get confirmation from a Canadian source. The hub is a fixie - no coaster brake - and it has straight spokes. The pinstriping is really nice on this bike.


great find, enjoy it !

Nice bike Brian Sure looks original to me. What ever you do don,t brake a spoke as they are rare than hens teeth.Pretty sure it is a 99.

Thanks Dave. The rear rim is cracked. I was thinking of trying to undo the spoke nipples and lace in a new rim but after reading your comment I think I should leave it as is and not risk breaking any spokes. I will try gluing the rim so a tire can be mounted for display purposes.


I have used an electric soldering gun to loosen the spoke nipples. Hold the gun on the nipple and let it start smoking then try and turn it. Takes some time but will work.  

That's a really nice shape t.o.c bike, looks like it will clean up decent too.