I would appreciate any help, thoughts, or suggestions as to futhering my understanding of this bike. The serial number on this Massey reads: 67315. It has been suggested it dates from 1918-1920, but I am really not certain. The first thing I will be doing is applying some 'Goof Off' paint remover to see if I can see any original paint. I would love to know the date of this bike, and find out its original paint colour. If this becomes a re-paint, I would love to maintain the original colour. Is the head badge brass on this bike? Regarding the forks, I believe they are original, would love to confirm this. I also believe the crank has been replaced....what would have been a correct crank? Any information would be greatly appreciated. 


The presence of Weston on the head badge indcates it is no older than 1916, while the purely numeric serial number indicates pre-1921. So, the suggested range is in the ballpark. Is the bottom bracket shell slotted, with cinch bolts? The crankset is an obvious replacement. 

Fork looks correct to me. But is there a nickel or chrome cape on it?Also is there a 4 bolt pattern on the crank behind that sprocket. I can't see Weston on badge but someone must have better eyes than me.Do you have the rest of the bike?

Unfortunately the bike did not come with any other correct parts, except for the fenders (which I believe are original). I also have the correct crank for this bike....but will be looking to the-build this bike after stripping and re-painting the frame. 

Are the fenders rounded and shallow, or dropside? I have a 1918 with rounded and a 1922 with dropside, and have often wondered when they made the switch. We need to find and post more catalogues.

I might have a seat post that will work .If it is 7/8 inch.

I will take a photo of the fenders to perhaps get confirmation, and bike came with 7 style seatpost, again, I'm not sure if this would be correct. 

The number 7 would be correct. I  have a Massey Silver Ribbon hygienic cushion frame bike that i have had for a long time.

I would be interested in any parts that would be correct for this bike. Please let me know if you have anything for sale. 

I really don't have any parts for sale for your bike. Is there a number on the head badge? Does your crank have a 4 bolt sprocket? I am in Elmira Ontario. i have 3 other Massey Harris bikes, before CCM.

Hi Dave, there is no number on the head badge....and I will be replacing the crank seen in the photo with (what I call, not sure of correct name) the kidney bean shaped crank. I forgot to take photos of the fenders that came with the bike today, so I'll do so tomorrow in daylight to determine if they are correct or not. I'd love to see photos of your various Massey bicycles. You are about an hour and a half drive from me as I live in Collingwood. My email is if you'd like to send me any photos of your bikes.


Dave, I see what appears to be an 'EST" on the 2nd line of the 3rd wrap of the head badge. This is the correct location for the facility name on a badge of this era . Consequently, I believe this to be a Weston badge. I've tried manipulating the photo, to make it stand out better. 

On closer examination, I see what you mean about the crankset. There does appear to be the ends of a four bolt spider peeking out from behind the CCM logo chainring at about 3:00 and 6:00 o'clock. So, it may be the correct crankset but with an incorrect chainring.


The number on this particular headbadge reads 358. What does the number signify?


It's a model number, and this model number appears in the 1918 CCM catalogue (available online). This means if your bike has the Weston headbadge (which it does) and rounded fenders you can call it a 1918 model. I don't know if this model number was continued into 1919 or 1920, but if your bike had dropside fenders that you suspect are original to the bike then maybe call it a c.1920 model until more catalogues become available.



I have to agree with you T-Mar, the crankset I feel is correct, but the ring most certainly is not.