smileyMORNING!! Happy Sunday!

I'm Carmen from Miami

Just wanted to pass by and say HOLA before I start surfing this AWESOME Site.

I found U while learning more about  my 1969 or 1975 CCM CHEETAH (girl's bike).

I'm in the process of restoring her. (let me see if I can attach a Pic of her)

BOY!  that's gonna take a lot of elbow grease!

Well, let me go take a tour...

TTY all Later wink

P.S. I added 3 Pics but I don't see them on the forum?






hi oldgurl..


Do you see:


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click on " FILE ATTACHMENTS " and follow the instructions or send your pictures to John . He is a member on this site. :)  Have a great day

Welcome to the the  forums. The Cheetah did not debut as a 3 speed until 1970. It only had the stick shift for 1970-1972 and  the 1972 version came in a different colour and had reflectors on the fork, where your 3 speed decal is located. Consequently, this appears to be a 1970 or 1971 model. What's the serial number?

Welcome aboard Carmen. Always nice to hear from our southern neighbours.



yes I  See!...I See!  Denis THANX!... LOL

I'll check out those instructions....Gracias  SHAPE  \* MERGEFORMAT

 for your Guidance.

cheekyHi ~T-Mar~ Gracias...

That's interesting to knowwww!

 I appreciate your history and knowledge.

Well....I don't know If I’m allowed to post in public the Serial number, but I’ll give Ya a Hint!…

it starts with the letter “B”.

I just saw one  thru Google Images...and I see the reflector on the fork like you described (it's a "71")  http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/4118226/    but mine is more of an Olive Green colour.  I've seen mine in a brochure page from the  late "60's"….  Also Mr Don Farmer shows it on a Youtube Video (view  time lapse 5:47)when he talks about the MUSTANG.

I would like to meet someone specializing in Decals. Since I’m in the process of restoring it.

I would  like to talk about it more but in another Post related to that TOPIC.

  Not here cause this is for Introductions Only. Is that Okay?


Thank-You for your Welcomes

TTYL (talk to you later)





HOLA ! Carmen or as we say in Canada " Hows it goin EH!"  This is a bueno cheetah. I know that Canadian chrome will come back for you. Have fun amiga.

The B prefix to the serial number indicates that it's from 1970.