rims / fenders

26X 1 3/8 rim with Sachs Dreigang 3 speed coaster brake hub.  Cable missing, rim rusty, and hub is un-tested.  Another project I will never get around to doing.  $20

FiR EL19 rim with 700 x 20 Michelin tire that I would no longer trust at the maximum recommended 100PSI.  Quattro hub with missing quick release skewer.  $20

Pair of balloon tire rims from a 1930's Rollfast bike.  Straight rims with nice patina and original pinstriping.  One extra crispy 26 x 2.125 Eatons Bulldog Ballon tire and tube included. $20

Fenders that came off of a 1922 Cleveland.  Not sure if they were original to the bike.  Many coats of paint, some dents, a couple holes drilled, but still pretty solid.  $20

As you can see, all items are $20.  If you don't like the price, make me an offer and we will see if we can make a deal.  I'll be at the show in Brantford on the 25th, or shipping can be arranged.  Best way to contact is at three_seashells@hotmail.com





Hi Erik. I'll take the fenders please!

Fenders are sold!

3 speed wheel and 700 front wheel spoken for.  Still have the balloon tire rims and tire.  Will be going to the rescheduled show, so delivery is still possible.