1950s Lightweight

Hi, all. I picked up this CCM Lightweight 3-speed at an estate auction. It has an H serial number, which from what I've seen here dates it to 1954. I haven't been able to find many references to the Lightweight model, and I'm hoping someone here can tell me where it fit in the CCM lineup. Who would it have been aimed at? Would the plastic fenders be later additions? I appreciate whatever you can tell me.

The 1966 Eastview licence plate is just one cool thing about this bike. Eastview, Ont., was renamed Vanier in 1969 (after the late governor general Georges Vanier) and then was amalgamated with neigbouring Ottawa in 2001. That history, at least, is easy to chart!



Here are the photos. Thought I had them attached to the earlier post ...

1-sm-ccm1_-_copy.jpg 1-sm-ccm5_-_copy.jpg

The straight top tube bicycles with upright handlebars were typically called "Sports" models, though they were described as being light-weight. Here's the 1954 catalogue entry for your bicycle.


OpeongoRoad​, I love your bike. I am also in Ottawa. I have similar bikes (check my profile), contact me if you wish.



Thanks, folks. Very useful information, and explains why I wasn't able to find much about it. The "lightweight" decal on the seat tube threw me off. Mark, you have a great collection! I'll send you an email. Robert