1951 & 1955 CCM Flyer Frames

Hello All,

I took these photos today of my 51 & 55 CCM Flyer frames.
I will have to get around to building them up one day, I have pretty well all the correct CCM parts to do this.
Note: Both the 1951 & 1955 frames have original paint.
I have (4) CCM Flyers, the other (2) can be seen at these links.
1930's (work in progress)
1926 (nearly finished restoring it)
I purchased this frame from a young guy in Seattle who advertised it on craigslist as an unknown make that will make a good RATROD.
Below is the original craigslist photo.
Burlington WA



Original Seattle Craigslist photo.


Nice bikes! It was seeing the photos of your '26 in a previous post that inspired me to have my '36 professionally painted, thanks for posting. It's being prepped now. I'll post photos when it's done. You don't know anything about the Blue Bird decal, do you?

Gorgeous Bike btw! That blue one is screaming my name. If it was ever for sale?......

sorry to say, I might be wrong.

but I personnally don't think the "1926" is a "Flyer" frame,

the fork is not a CCM fork, and I don't think the frame is either!!!

Hello  bicyclecollector

Sorry to disappoint you but it is a 1926 Flyer.

See comments below from Mike Barry.


Your frame is virtually identical to my 1925 Flyer. The "maple leaf" on the b/b is actually a star.

I'd say that your's is pobably also a '25 or there abouts.


The frame number dates my frame to 1926, also the holes in the frame matched the CCM badge.

Some older photos of the frame before restoration can be seen at this link:





on the '26, do you have a picture of the serial number?

the way the top tube and transverse tube attaches to the headtube, I have never seen that on a CCM frame

by '26, the top tube to seat post should probably be lugged

the lug work on a Flyer is fancier, with round cut outs like on your 30's frame

the rear stay tubing should be thinner

on the fork, the front hub attachments, I have never seen on a CCM fork of any vintage, they are all the way on the outside, like on a '80s racer

in you original (when found) picture, seems like there is fender attachment holes in the frame! did you fill those in?

I am not disappointed, it's nothing personal, and not trying to voluntarily put it down

they are just observations when comparing to my 10's, 20's and 30's Flyers, Road Racers and regular CCMs

around 70 of them

but I don't have a 1925 or 1926 original paint Flyer, so unfortunately my observations can't be confirmed

and who is Mike Barry? would like to see pictures of his '25 Flyer, can you share the pictures?


Mike Barry is one of the GURU's of Canadian Cycling, founder of Bicycle Specialties and Mariposa bicycles.

The old fellow in this video.


I believe that Mike purchased some of the Flyer tooling and parts when CCM packed it in.

Mike has an extensive collection of beautiful bikes and is currently working on a coffee table bicycle book.



See this post for more information:



thanks, I had found his website and Flyte picture online

it does look very similar, and I have been wrong before


you did a super job on the restoration

do you have the picture of the serial number?  where is it stamped?


The serial number is stamped on the seat lug, I will have to look if any of it is still visible under the new paint.

I did have photos of ithe serial number after I stripped off the old paint, I may have sent these to Wayne Gillies and John Williamson with whom I have relied heavilly on for the restoration of all my Flyer projects. They are both VERY helpful gentlemen. Currently having trouble with one  of my backup disk drives where many of my bike photos are, if you notice on my FLICKR site I have ovev 50,000 photos on FLICKR.

The 1926 frame also has an S stamped on the left rear dropout, my 1930's Flyer has a P stamped in the same location.

As I have not had much feedback on thse stamps in jest I called the 26 a (S)pencer special and the 30's a (P)eden special.

See the attached scan: One other thing to note is I did measure the angle of the seat tube on Mikes 1925 frame and compared it  to my frame and Wayne's older Flyer frame, they are all 67 degs.

Thanks for your comment regarding the restoration.



As a reference take a look at these photos of a 1923 CCM Flyer.


Note the joints of the two tubes to the head tube, also note the thickness and joint of the seat stays in the seat lug area.

Tony  all  your flyer  information and links with pictures is interesting and your flyer collection plus the restoration is much appreciated. I see the pre 1927 era butted  frames seem mostly rare and I too  have never seen one in person .
I have a OG paint 1927 Flyer K serial number but  the  seat stays, head and seat  tube are lugged .The frame  consists of the thick seat stays",S" stamped rear frame dropouts and 67 degrees frame geometry also like your frame .Im prezooming  but this maybe means that in 1927 the frames went to lug style design.

Thank you  Greg