1963? Imperial Mark II

This bike was on Kijiji with over 800 views but was not selling. The daughter of the owner said people were either no-shows or made offers of around $30. I thought I would help the woman out of her misery and pick up the bike. It's crazy that nobody bought it because it's in beautiful original condition and all I had to do to make it rideable was put air in the tires. It will look even better once I've cleaned up the rims and hubs. It had a 10-speed seat on it so I put on one that is at least the correct shape if not the correct colour. I especially like the blue paint colour because so many of my CCMs are maroon. Was it called electric blue or electronic blue? I also like this bike because I think of it as the last of CCMs line of traditional roadster bikes before they moved to chrome fenders and sticker head badges.

The serial number is D67096, which puts it as 1964, but I found a very nice photo in another forum on this site from paul246 of himself with his brother and their 1964 Imperial Mark II's, and their bikes had chrome fenders. So, with painted fenders am I right in thinking that despite the serial number my bike would appear in a catalogue as a 1963 model? From Paul's photo I also discovered that the grips are original. The only parts that are not factory original are the tires and the seat. On that note, can someone out there help get this bike back to all-original and sell me a blue and white seat like the one in the photo below?

Finally, the 1964 bikes owned by paul246 and his brother had white-wall tires. I have a pair of new 28" whitewalls that I'd like to put on - would the catalogue pictures of this bike show it with white-walls originally?




Beautiful bike Bryan love the painted fenders have never really been a fan of chrome fenders. Good score

Thanks Lou. I've been told that this model was sold new with white-wall tires. I think it will look great once I've put them on and cleaned the rims. I'll post another photo later.

Brian what rear hub is in the Imperial II?

It's a Perry hub. I think it's an indication of the financial pressures CCM was under at the time. Long gone is the venerable "37" hub, and stamped metal head badges would soon follow.