1967 ccm charger duomatic forks/fender

Looking for a set of forks for a 67 ccm charger I recently got. Also need the front fender for said forks. I know it’s gonna be a hard find but if anyone knows/has anything must appreciated.



Are the forks missing or bent? If they're just bent, try straightening them using a fork straightening tool. It looks like and works the same as an old-school automotive jack. Sunnyboy has one and helped me straighten the fork on an old CCM with great results. Failing that, I have a 1965 girls Imperial MkIV I could be willing to part out, but I doubt it's the same fork. I can post a photo if you like.

Bike doesn’t have the proper fork on it at all. It’s also a 20 inch front wheel so I don’t think the imperial fork would work. I will post picture of the Bike as it currently sits.


Yes of course, a 20 inch front wheel. Clearly I wasn't thinking when I mentioned my Imperial! Sorry I can't help you Karl.



Look at it this way... you are always trying to help !  You were thinking clearly, just forgot that strange 24" 20" set up.



simonkarl, I am Mark from Ottawa. Have you considered bying another Charger to use for spare parts?

There is one for sale here in Ottawa, same color, right fork.


Check it out.



Good luck. 

Thanks for the info mark, the bike looks good! It says no to shipping so I’m not sure. I will enquirer.

I know this is an old post but you need a larger fork than a 20 inch 

the charger has a 2 inch piece of metal welded on to mount the fender to 

I believe it is a 24 inch or  maybe even a 26 inch fork .

If you put a 20 inch on it your pedals will be dragging on the ground .

I sold a red 3 speed frame to a guy in Winipeg he has a lot of parts and is on this forum just can't think of his name right now .


If you think of his name let me know please, thanks for the info bleedingfingers.

I'm in Winnipeg and have a few Chargers and parts.


What parts do you have? I’m looking for forks, sissy bar, seat.

Hey guys. Not sure if you are still looking for parts for this bike, there is one for sale on EBay: