Buddy Bike. Non-vintage?

I'm posting this for another member who said he was having difficulty doing so. His friend will be taking it to the bike show.

He's asking $300. You can contact Pierre @ 905-725-9457 if interested.

I know it's not vintage, just doing a favor for another member.



Here are the pictures. I hope.


buddy_001.jpg buddy_004.jpg

if anybody wants this buddy bike  i can bring it to the brantford bike show next weekend....

Hey. My name is Mike and I saw this yellow Buddy Bike from Pierre. Is it still available? I am interested, because this bike looks just great. Should make fun to ride it:-) 

Would it be possible to send the bike? Could be separated in every single part...I can take to together.

Sorry for my english, I am from Germany...

Wish you a nice christmas - take care! Mike

Pierre says the bike sold to a guy in the US a while ago.


Sorry, no longer available.