I was wondering if anyone knew if this bicycle is a CCM?  The head badge is painted or stenciled and it has the word "cycle &" in it. I have included some other pictures as well as the serial number. It also has  a Dunlop D7 saddle, oil port in BB and front hub, pump pegs, small (looks like a glass) refector in rear fender, headset nut is notched, and has a Perry hub.

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british built

HERCULES is the maker

Your decal looks similar to this one:



Which was probably made by Hercules. I had to crop it to make the file small enough to upload:



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After Roadworthy idenified as British Built I did a search but wasn't able to find a match for the badge.  But the Royal Prince is spot on! You can see many of the deatils in the stencil that are present in the posted image.

Thanks so much to you both,