CCM Ivanhoe 60

An early photo of a CCM Ivanhoe 60 cushion frame. I bought this bike at an auction today just down the road from where I live. It was complete except for the lamp which the family says might still be in the house. They're going to check. Will post more pics when I have them. 



Nice score John! It was fun being back in the Almonte area and was nice to meet you finally. I took a couple of photos before losing the bidding :)

20170911_124810.jpg 20170911_124840.jpg

Thanks Brian. Nice meeting you as well. Your pre-CCM Cleveland was a super pick-up also. Seldom does thtis age of bike come up around here. The fact that there were two at the auction today was pretty incredible.....and fortunate for both of us.


Hi John Very nice bike. Does it also have aSills cushion stem on it. Also that looks like a Brantford style seat stem tightner?At least thats what I think i see. Most cushion frame bikes I have seen have a large nut that is used to tighten the seat tube.Very early CCM.


Thanks Dave. Hopefully your questions will be answered by the photos. If not, let me know and I'll take more. 


ivanhoe_6.jpg ivanhoe_7.jpg ivanhoe_8.jpg ivanhoe_14.jpg ivanhoe_12.jpg ivanhoe_13.jpg ivanhoe_15.jpg ivanhoe_9_800x606.jpg ivanhoe_10_800x598.jpg ivanhoe_11_800x598.jpg ivanhoe_15.jpg

Hi John

Yes my questions have been answered. A very nice bike great find.%%

If you ever take the shock/cushion apart take lots of pictures with measurements I would love to see the inside. I have one but it looks like the lower part of the cushion had been sheared off and put into the upper part making it shorter than the one on your bike. It can also just be pulled apart so I'm not sure what is supposed to hold it together.

Thanks Lee

Hi Lee,

I have taken the back section of the cushion frame apart. There really is not much there - just a spring. If you check in an early CCM parts catalogue, i think that there were 5 different springs that were used, based on the rider's weight. The cushion frame parts were American, patented in the late 1800's, and used on many different makes. I do have a few spare parts lying around, but none of the springs. The length of the cushion frame parts also varied according to frame size.

John Williamson

Here is the catalog section with cushion frame parts.