CCM Sabre



I just purchased this bicycle and in researching the net came across this forum.  I thought it would be the best place to get some information. It appears to be a 1967 CCM Sabre and is in dirty but very descent shape, it needs a good clean and polishing but is covered in an oily film and grease and so has been protected against corrosion.  I was wondering if the shifter is original to the bicycle or if it was added along the way.  I also wonder if the "Flyte" seat and speedometer and "Milton" headlight/taillight are original.  Any help is much appreciated.





Shifter is Shimano, so probably not original to a 3-speed SA rear hub (but I might be wrong)

speedos and lights are usually add-ons, but they look the part so might as well leave them on

lights with the dynamos are usually an added accessory

if it was a SA dynohub then different story

but I don't have much experience or catalogues on 50's-70's CCMs ... so my opinions are only guesses

Not sure about 1967, but the 1968 poster shows the Sabre as coming with a S/A stick shift, a speedometer and light system. Also described as having either violet or imperial gold paint.

Is your 1967 estimate based on the hub date or the serial number?

Nice bike. clean it up and keep it as is.

Doug, the 1967 version is essentially the same as 1968 but with a trigger shifter (both shown and stated), instead of a stick shift. I can't make out a speedometer and one isn't mentioned, but there's a cable coming off the left side of the front hub, which clearly isn't a Dynonhub, so I'm assuming it is a speedometer cable.

Thank you for your feedback, I based the age of the bicycle on the hub, perhaps it is a '68, I'll check the serial # to confirm.  It's come along way in one day and should be looking pretty good shortly.  I'll post some photos once cleaned up.

That cable cover is cool, I remember having that stuff, on my bike, back in the day. That bike must have been stored, for a long time.

Yes, thanks I like the cable cover as well.  I bought the bicycle from an estate sale, It was hanging from the ceiling on hooks, my guess is that it had been there for quite a while.   

Bike looks nice but that mini looks nicer!!!! Love old everything!

Nice bike Alberto. Those tires are original equipment, don't be tempted to replace them, just new tubes. The white walls will look like new with a light scrub with extra fine, 0000 grade steel wool and hot soapy water.