National Head Badge

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  • What years is that badge?



Pre 1910 I'm estimating 

thankyou Greg


Here's a complete 1916 - 1921 National..not  many of these around

Wayne Great to see the nice complete bike badged National I have never seen one except yours thanks for the link.

Your bike was manufactured in Weston  I see from the badge that's very interesting which explains the year range of of the bicycle.So the badge I'm selling is pre 1916 as it says Toronto Canada Wayne do you know what would be the  earliest year that National badged bicycles were manufactured.



Probably 1899 as National was one of the companies that composed early CCM

CCM didn't gain control of the National brand until November of 1900, so I suspect Greg's head-badge dates somewhere between 1901 - 1916.

Thank you John and Wayne for the explainations 


John, do we know that National was an actual brand manufactured and/or owned by the National Cycle & Automobile Company? I haven't seen a National brand mentioned in any of the old advertisements, which tended to focus on Columbia, Evans & Dodge, Stearns and a handful of others. I would think that if there was an eponymous brand, that it would have been prominently featured in the advertisements. 

Regardless, I agree with the 1901-1915 timeframe, based on the stated logic.

Actually, Tom, that's a good point. I don't know that I've seen one listed either. Will check.