New member help me ID these bikes

I came across a collection of vintage bikes in storage recently (all quite poor condition) while out looking at some older road bikes. Anyhow, I've attached some pictures as I'm struggling to identify a couple of the bikes.

The first is a CCM "Standard" with what I would call a skip tooth sprocket. There is a few layers of paint so I neglected to try and locate the serial number (I assume on the seat tube).  I'm trying to determine the year of the bike as seems quite old to my untrained eye.

The second is the rusty coloured one with some white pin striping still showing. It has no badging but has a serial number 73726 on seat tube and a odd looking head tube area. I assume is a CCM bike but the serial number seems more like a Raleigh number. Any ideas on these two bikes or leads appreciated.

Included are a couple of other pictures of a CCM Perfect and a SCP balloon bike as well that were in storage.

I've always loved vintage bicycles and excited to have some time to get back into repairing and eventual restoration again. This web site is wonderful! I look forward to spending many hours here.




Nice find Dustin, and welcome! To me the Standard looks early teens - late enough to have full fenders but early enough to still have a 1" "skiptooth" chain and sprockets. The serial numbers did not pinpoint the year until the letter was added in 1922. It may have had wood rims originally. If you can read the script on the rear hub it could help answer that question if it's a much later hub. I've never seen that crankset on a CCM; it looks like a Fauber. Maybe someone else knows more.

The second bike does not look a ccm.

The ccm Perfect Motorbike model looks early '30s so you should be able to date that one from the serial number.

You have lots of fun ahead!

The Standard is pre-1916, as it says Toronto on the head badge, as opposed to Weston.