Vintage 1943 CCM tricycle

Vintage 1943 CCM tricycle

In excellent shape, most parts are original except for the bar grips

The replacement grips are NOS and they matched the original ones

The saddle has a tear in it (see photo)

Front wheel measures 16” and all the wheels spin fairly well (considering its age)

This 69 year old trike is in phenomenal condition and has both hub caps

I am looking for $350 or best offer. I am willing to trading for something that I’m interested in.


Hi there!

I recently purchased the same tricycle and was wondering where you got your grips?  I'm also looking for the original seat as i don't think the one i have is original.  What other info do you know about this tricycle?

Much appriciated!


Good day.

Not too much known, the only set that I had was used on my tricycle which is now gone and never owned a spare seat.

The only thing I have is NOS steps (the oval plates that were bolted on the rear axle)

I do believe that it was manufactured in the Weston plant in the early '40s.

That's about it.

Sorry that I couldn't help you further.